Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC) is normally issued for submission in Foreign Embassy for Visa/Immigration purposes.

  • For Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC), the applicant is first required to fill the prescribed Application form.
    Download the Police Clearance Certificate Application Form PDF file : External link that opens in a new window (1.52 MB)
  • A Government fee of Rs. 300/- is to be deposited for Police Clearance Certificate( PCC). Along with the challan form duly marked may be deposited in the nearby branch of State Bank of Patiala at District Court Complex, Gurugram.
    Download The Challan Form PDF file : External link that opens in a new window (353 KB)
  • The Application form and Challan form, complete in all respect, should be deposited in the Security Branch of Gurugram Police located at Room No. 312, Third Floor, Mini Secretariat, Gurugram.
  • The Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC) will be then issued to the applicant within 7 - 10 days, after Police Verification from the Police Station concerned.

  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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