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Organization Structure

Organization Structure

The Force is divided into Four Zones, plus Headquarters,Traffic and Crime. Each division is managed by a Deputy Commissioner assisted by Assistant Commissioners of Police. Divisions roughly approximate district boundaries with their headquarters located in respective territories.

The on-strength establishment of the force up to date is given below.

Our Actual Strength

Gurugram Police

A Police Commissioner of the rank of IGP or above heads the entire Police setup in Gurugram. He is assisted in his work by a Joint Commissioner of Police of DIG rank and 6 Deputy Commissioners of Police of SP rank. Territorially, the total area of Gurugram has been divided into 3 Police districts namely East, West and South representing New, Old and Rural Gurugram, respectively.

There are 39 regular Police Stations, 2 Traffic Police Stations and 1 Cyber Police Station in Gurugram.

From the above table, it is clear that Policemen to Population ratio in Gurugram is 01:445 ie 1 policeman for every 445 people for a total population of 1514085 and 3 policemen per 100 Sq. Km. for a total area of 1253.07 Sq. Km.


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