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Economic Offence Wing Cell

Over the last decade, Gurugram has developed into a major business-cum-industrial center and has become the hub of huge commercial activities. A large number of Government offices, corporations, private companies, banking and financial institutions are having their head offices in Gurugram. Large economic activities and rising land prices have given rise to a no. of economic crimes. Last year in 2010, EOW Cell of Gurugram Police Received about 350 complaints related to land frauds, bank frauds, job frauds, cheating and forgery etc.

The EOW Cell, Hqr of Gurugram Police is located at 4th Floor, Commissioner of Police Office, Gurugram. An Inspector rank officer is the Incharge of EOW Cell of Gurugram Police. This Cell Works under the supervision of Joint Commissioner of Police, Gurugram.

A Complaint regarding any economic crime can be filed at any Police Station or to ACsP or DCsP. Such Complaints can also be submitted to the offices of Jt. CP and CP, Gurugram.

The table given below shows the figures of the economic offence cases registered in 2009 & 2010:

Sr. No.Head20092010Difference
1406/419/420 IPC151111-40
2419/420/467/468/471 IPC99143+44
3406/408/409 IPC8299+17

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