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Women and Children Helpline 0124-2335100
Women travelers can become easy prey to thieves and burglars in a strange place therefore they should remain extra cautious while traveling. Certain basic safety tips which shall be followed by every women traveler are as follows:-

Safety Tips

  • Try sticking and shopping at the safest part of the city.
  • Avoid getting overfriendly with strangers.
  • While part of the excitement of travel is making new friends and talking to fellow travelers, never ever divulge your plans or itinerary to anyone.
  • Never stay out late at night especially at strange places.
  • Do not wear expensive jewelry or odd clothes while traveling as it may attract burglars.
  • Try to carry cell phone along with you while traveling so that you can contact someone in case of emergency.
  • Prefer wearing money belts and hidden pouches under your clothes to avoid pick pocketing.
  • Always choose the safest mode of transport for traveling. Do check its previous safety track record.
  • While staying at hotels, always keep your door locked whenever you are in your room. For added safety, keep the safety chain on to prevent any forced entry.
  • Before opening the door to anyone, use the peephole. If the person is not in a hotel uniform or looks suspicious, do not open the door. Be wary of revealing your identity on the telephone, especially if you are traveling alone.
  • You are a tourist but you don't need to let the whole world know that. Don't look like a tourist. Looking at maps in your car or on the street is a dead give-away. A camera hanging around your neck all the time is also not a sound idea.
  • Don't flash money around. Just keep enough to meet your immediate needs. When traveling, your best protection is to be knowledgeable and alert. To travel with confidence and a positive attitude.
Women and Children Helpline 0124-2335100

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