Community Safety

Property Purchase

Instructions to members of public about CO. OP. HSG. Societies and how to prevent cheating at the time of purchasing flats

Verification of Ownership of Land

  • Prevention at the time of Property PurchaseEnsure from the City Survey office that the developer has been granted the N.O.C. and the land is Non-Agricultural (N.A.)
  • For clear title, 7/12 (Sat Bara) Extract to be verified from the "Talathi" OR "Tahasildar" office.
  • For Land in Dispute or in legal litigation - approach "Bailiff" or "Arbitrator" from High Court.

N.O.C.’s of Various Authorities

  • Fire Brigade: Especially for high rise buildings
  • Traffic Department
  • Electricity Co. for electricity supply
  • IAAI: Building in airport vicinity
  • Railway: Near the railway track
  • Municipality: for drainage, water supply, commencement certificate

To Check the Legality of the Construction

  • Checking of Commencement Certificate or Intimation of Disapproval by the Municipal authorities.
  • Contact the Builder / Developer for
    • Plans submitted by the architect
    • Notice in Newspaper for clearance of title of the land
    • Certificate from solicitor
    • Confirm whether Residential or Commercial
    • F.S.I. permitted, and utilized by the builder
    • Percentage of reservation made for Government flats or any special category
    • Whether covered under Urban Land Ceiling Reservation

Entering into Agreement

  • The agreement for sale should be properly signed by the concerned parties
  • The agreement must be attested by two witnesses
  • Only the agreement registered with the Collector will be treated as the "legal document"
  • Stamp Duty should be paid only at the Collector’s Office at the time of registration of the agreement

Mode of Payment

  • Cheque is the safest way of payment.
  • If paid by cash, insist on receipt.
  • Repayment of loans obtained from the Financial Institutions should be made only to the concerned Institution and not to the builder or developer.

  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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