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Police Control Room

Police Control Room Gurugram is one of the Modern Computerised Control Rooms of Haryana. The Police Control Room has got following facilities to serve the people better:

Dial 112 System and 0172-2584700

The Police Control Room, abbreviated as PCR, operates several channels for communication and assistance. Calls can be placed through the universal emergency number, 112, or by dialing 0172-2584700 from any landline or mobile device across various telecom networks. Incoming calls are initially received at SERC/ MERC, overseen by the Communication Officer, who then directs them to the appropriate Dispatch Officer (DO) or SERC/ MERC or Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) before ultimately reaching the concerned Dispatch Officer (DO) or District Control Room (DCR). Once the necessary action is taken, the case is closed.

Gurugram is equipped with 78 Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) that cater to a range of emergency services, including police assistance, medical aid, firefighting, highway management, railway incidents, National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) matters, traffic management, cybercrime, general helpline services, community health services, disaster management, and safe journey monitoring.

Wireless Communication

Wireless communication infrastructure links all police stations, police posts, officers, and SHO (Station House Officer) mobile units with the Police Control Room through Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) technology.

Additionally, specialized helplines are available for specific needs:

Senior Citizen Helpline

Senior Citizen Helpline at 0124-2221559

Durga Shakti Helpline

Durga Shakti Helpline at 9205291091

North-East Helpline

North-East Helpline at 0124-2301559


Fax Communication can be made through PCR at 0124-2320100.

and CP Office at 0124-2314200.

For Police Help Line

PCR GGM can be contacted at 0124-2316100.

Extension lines for the CP Office in Gurugram are available at 0124-2311200, 2312200, 2869300, and 2313200.


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