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Police Commissionerate System

Like any other district in Haryana, Gurugram also had the traditional SP led policing system till 2007. Due to rapid urbanization and industrialization of Gurugram over last one decade, need was felt that Police Commissionerate System, more suited for large urban populations, should replace the old Police system. The Police Commissioner System was introduced in Gurugram in June, 2007 and since then it has been functioning well.

Crime Management

i) Gurugram shares its boundaries with Delhi, Faridabad, Mewat, Rewari, Jhajjar and Palwal. Gurugram, like its neighbour Delhi , has high population density. Large no. of people comes from nearby districts to Gurugram daily for work.

ii) In year 2023 a total of 15860 IPC cases and 3039 LSL cases were registered in Gurugram.i.e. 445 IPC cases registered per 100000 people and 78 LSL cases registered per 100000 people.

iii) Gurugram is divided into East, West, South and Manesar police districts with each district headed by a DCP. A total of 3634 cases of vehicle theft, 85 cases of robbery and 10 cases of dacoity were registered in 2023. Gurugram Police Commissioner System has got special units like Anti-Vehicle theft staff, Anti- Robbery staff, CIA work on such cases. A total of 50 PCR Vans and 45 M/cycle Riders are deployed in field on 24*7 basis which work on the directions of Police Control Room, Gurugram and the maximum response time in majority of the cases for reaching the spot is 10 minutes.

Traffic Management

One of the busiest highways namely Delhi–Jaipur National Highway No.8 passes through Gurugram. There are over 7 lacs registered vehicles in Gurugram. In the year 2009 alone 75000 vehicles have been registered in Gurugram. The magnitude of vehicular movement in Gurugram can be gauged from the fact that more than 1.8 lac vehicles pass through Sirhol toll plaza every day.

After the introduction of the Police Commissioner System in Gurugram, a separate Traffic Wing was set up for traffic management, under the control of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic assisted by ACP, TI East, West & South and SHOs of 2 Traffic Police Stations.

The Overall Posted Strength of the Gurugram Traffic Police is shown in the table given below:

Sr. No.RankPosted
4Sub- Inspector7
5Astt Sub-Inspector23
6Head Constable12
8Grand Total365

Due to consistent road safety efforts, the no of cases of road accidents (fatal/non-fatal) has come down which is apparent from the table given below:

YearTotal No of Road accidentsFatal AccidentsNon-Fatal AccidentsDeathInjured persons

The table given below shows the no. of challans issued in year 2009 and 2010 for traffic violations for over speeding, drunken driving, overloading, wrong parking etc.:

Sr. No.OffenceChallans issued in 2009Challans issued in 2010
1Over Speeding 984813334
2Drunken Driving69307462
3Over Loading18262808
4Wrong Parking1594650761

Powers of Executive Magistrate

After Police Commissioner System came into force in Gurugram, the power of Executive Magistrate for the purpose of sections 107 to 122 and section 124 of Chapter VIII of CrPC which were previously vested with Deputy Commissioner were transferred to the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Gurugram vide Haryana Govt Notification No. S.O.80/H.A.25/2008/Ss.8,9 & 10/2009 dated 26-08-2009.In the year 2010, a total of 262 cases have been received u/s 107/150,107/151 & 109 CrPC.

Police Commissionerate System Vs SP led Police System

i) Large urban areas require Police Officers intensive policing system. It should have much higher officers to rank ratio. This is possible in Police Commissioner System in which each police functional area such as Traffic, Crime, Security, Law and Order etc is headed by senior officers of the rank of DCP, resulting in better supervision and control.

ii) The profile of human capital in big cities is very different from other places. Huge economic and intellectual assets both in terms of human and material, pose more complex issues which require a very professional police approach. A team of senior police officers is better equipped to handle traffic, crime, security related matters.

iii) Urban policing require quick police response, higher quality of police investigations, higher sensitivity in redressing public grievances, greater use of technology in policing which can be better addressed by senior officers led Police Commissioner System.

iv) Certain powers under various laws such as Arms Act, CrPC etc delegated to Police, have resulted in better and effective implementation and enforcement.

Comparison of Police Commissinerate System in Delhi & Gurugram

Sr. No.HeadGurugramDelhi
1.Area in Sq. Kms1253.071483
3.IPC Cases 6736(2009)49350(2008)
4.LSL Cases 1186(2009)6754(2008)
4.Posted Police Strength340485,000
5.No. of IPC Crimes per 100000 of Population445284
6.No. of LSL Crimes per 100000 of Population7839
7.No. of Policemen Per 100000 of Population225489

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