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Examples of Community policing are:

  • Informal arrangements of night watchman, patrolling an area and obtaining remuneration from the house-holds of the area, is another form of community policing at the initiative of the watch-man but with the willing acceptance of the neighborhood
  • Security arrangements in housing complexes and housing societies, security arrangements in factories and large establishments are another form of community policing
  • Institutions like Peace committees activated during period when there is serious apprehension/threat of break down of law and order
  • Civil defense plans/emergency relief plans during riots or wide spread break-down of law and order
  • The concepts of rural policing by community (Kotwal)
  • Trained people in the community to perform the functions of the police when required (home-guards)
  • Identified Sector Wardens, Chief wardens etc (under civil defense / emergency relief plan)
  • Special police officers, Honorary Magistrates and involvement of people in trail of offences

Few Schemes for Community policing are:

  • Neighborhood watch scheme
  • Senior citizens? scheme
  • Self defense camp for girls
  • Special police offers for every neighborhood in the in the urban areas
  • Crime stopper scheme aimed to encourage members of the public to play a part in detecting crime by giving information
  • Management by one or close involvement of police in
    • De-addiction centers for drug addicts and alcoholics
    • Juvenile aid camps
    • Orphanage
    • Shelter homes for run away children
    • Senior citizen's home

Thus, citizens can form groups within the society or the area they live or work. Such social group can enroll themselves with the Police and work hand in hand with Police to solve problems, minimize disorders in the society and thus achieve the very objective of Community Policing.


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