Job Frauds

Job FraudsWe often see that several unemployed youth paying huge cash to fraudsters for securing jobs in Government Services or Corporate Sector.

Taking advantage of the innocence of these unemployed youth, fraudsters float fictitious companies and give attractive advertisements to the press and attract the unemployed youth towards them and after collecting money as ‘caution deposit/security deposit’ and dupe them. Here are some of the frauds committed by such criminals.

  • Fake Job VISA for employment abroad
  • Training and employment in the same company and Employment abroad
  • Data warehousing works.
  • Employment fraud in Railways Recruitment
  • Employment in reputed PSUs and Private Companies.

Employment in Railway

  • If the amount is insisted in cash
  • No receipts are issued for receipts of money.
  • Concerned persons are dismissed from service or suspended from service.
  • Appointment letters were not signed.
  • Appointment letters do not have stamps of the office.
  • Appointment letters are not showing the office address and phone numbers.
  • Check up with the concerned department for the genuineness of the appointment order/interview call letter.

Data warehousing works

  • Company which is giving you the data warehousing work and fail to furnish the e-mail address of the company.
  • Company is not registered with Registrar of Companies.
  • Directors of the company are not seen and only agents are discussing with you.
  • After completion of work after payment is delayed for more than a specified time
  • Directors and agents coming with a new proposal of employment abroad

Jobs Abroad

  • Agency do not have certificate from Protector General of Immigrants, New Delhi and fails to show the certificate.
  • VISA’s are handed over at the airport before leaving for foreign countries.
  • Agent refuses to show VISA before.
  • Air tickets were given at the last minute.
  • VISA arranged to you without your filling the application for the same.
  • Turns impatient and feel embarrassed when you ask them certain questions.

  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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