Foreigner Registration

Foreigner's Registration Office Foreigner's Registration Office, in Gurugram is situated at Room No. 12, Ground Floor, Commissioner of Police Office , Gurugram for the registration of foreigners who are residing in the jurisdiction of Gurugram district. This division works under direct supervision of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) cum Foreigners Registration Officer, Gurugram , whose office is located at 1st Floor, Office Commissioner of Police, Gurugram. Contact person in this branch is Inspector Ashok Kumar and contact Number is 0124-2869309.

Foreigner Registration in India

Registration for all foreigners is compulsory, for those foreigners who are arriving in India on a visa for a period exceeding 180 days, except the exempted categories. Registration is required within 14 days of first arrival at Gurugram in the Foreigners Registration Office.


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