Procedure to Apply for Driving License

An appropriate driving License is a legal requirement for operating any motor vehicle. A driver's license which is issued by the competent authority of any State/Union territory is valid throughout the Indian Union.

Learner's License :

Any person who wishes to drive a motor vehicle has to first obtain a learner's license for the purpose of learning. The person must then be tested before a permanent license is granted. A person should not be less than 20 years of age if he wants to learn to drive a transport vehicle.

Requirements :

  • Proof of age : Documents accepted for proof of age are Birth/School Leaving Certificate, Passport, etc.
  • Proof of residence : This can be supported by documents like the passport, ration card, electoral roll , electricity or telephone bill, etc.
  • Medical Certificate : It is required only in case of transport vehicles and can be obtained from any registered medical practitioner in the prescribed form.
  • Photograph : 3 copies of passport size.
  • Fee : Rs.60 for Scooter/M.Cycle/Car/Jeep/Tractor is charged.

Permanent License :

A Permanent license of the appropriate class will be granted after the successful completion of a driving test conducted by the RTO. The test for the issue of the Permanent license is conducted after a minimum of 42 days from the date of issue of the learner's license. In case of failure, a retest can be requested but not before a period of 7 days.

Requirements :

  • Photograph: 3 copies passport size
  • Fee: Rs. 400/- for Scooter/M.Cycle/Car/Jeep/Tractor are charged.

Where to Apply :

Approach your local zonal office of the Licensing Authority zonal offices.


  • Jurisdiction Area of Police Stations
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