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Weapon Inspection Timing 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM only on Tuesday and Saturday.

Arms Licensing Branch

After the Police Commissioner System came into existence in Gurugram, the powers under Arms Act, 1959 which were previously vested with Deputy Commissioner were transferred to the Joint Commissioner of Police, Gurugram vide Haryana Govt Notification No. S.O.80/H.A.25/2008/Ss.8,9 & 10/2009 dated 26-08-2009. Previously, weapon holder had to run from pillar to post to submit arms license fee and for inspection of the arms. But after the powers have been transferred to Joint Commissioner of Police, all arms license related work is done at the Arms Licensing Branch and inspection of weapon is carried out by a qualified armourer from Police department.


  • Fresh Licence
  • Renewal of Licence
  • Re-registration/ Renewal
  • Area Extension
  • NOC
  • Addition
  • Deletion
  • Permission of Purchase
  • Arms Transport Licence
  • Gun House Licence

Procedure to Apply for Arms License

The application for the grant of Arm Licenses are submitted on the portal saralharyana.gov.in. Total 14 types Arms applications are being accepted online on the portal saralharyana.gov.in.


  • Always keep your fire arm properly serviced and your licence updated
  • Never put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.
  • Never accept a weapon from anyone unless the breach is opened and the weapon is unloaded.
  • Never point the gun towards anyone.
  • Always consider your weapon loaded even if it has been verified otherwise.
  • Always keep your fire arm out of reach of friends, family members who are not authorized to use it. Special care be taken to keep it away from the children.
  • Do not store your fire arms with ammunition in the chamber
  • Do not fire in the air as bullet can rebound with velocity and can hit someone.
  • Do not shoot in the air during any ceremony/celebration as it can endanger others safety and can lead to prosecution and cancellation of arm licence.
  • ALWAYS REMEMBER: The fire arm is not a toy, wield it with responsibility.

Area Validity of Arms License

The Government of India decided, that the Licensing authority may allow area validity up to All India for (i) Sitting Union Ministers/MP?s, (ii) Personnel of Military, Para Military (iii) Officers of All-India Services and (iv) officers with liability to serve anywhere in India and (v) Sports persons, AIV may be allowed for 3 years, after which it shall be reconsidered by the authority based on need and the area validity can be either reduced or allowed to continue for another three years. MHAAll India validity may be allowed for three years in such cases and shall be re-considered after three years by the Licensing authority with prior concurrence of MHA.

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