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The Gurugram Police is under the authority of the Haryana Police, Govt. of Haryana. As Gurguram, then Gurguram, witnessed fast development, industrial growth, rapid urbanization and increase in population, Gurugram Police was converted from a District Police headed by Superintendent of Police to a Commissionerate of Police headed by Commissioner of Police, not below the rank of Inspector General of Police, on 8th June, 2007. This move towards a more regional management system is expected to cope-up with the problems of law and order, equipped to prevent and detect crime and instill confidence and sense of security in the general public. This change ensures there is greater grass-roots involvement in decision-making and also allows the Gurugram Police to invest more resources into frontline services. For the purpose of administration and supervision of police force, the Commissionerate of Police, Gurugram is a Police Range. Haryana Police Act, 2007 is the overarching legislation for the Gurugram Police.

About Gurugram PoliceCommissioner of Police, Gurugram is assisted by one Joint Commissioner of Police (in the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police), seven Deputy Commissioners of Police (in the rank of Superintendent of Police) and twenty-four Assistant Commissioners of Police (in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police)

Joint Commissioner of Police has the powers to grant licence for acquisition and possession of firearms and ammunition under section 3 of Arms Act, 1959. He/She also enjoys the powers vested under section 15 (renewal of licences) and section 17 (suspension, revocation etc of licences) of Arms Act, 1959.

Presently, for purpose of administration, revenue district of Gurugram is divided into four Police Districts, namely Police District East, Police District West, Police District South and Police District Manesar, each headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police in the rank of Superintendent of Police.
For the purpose of administration of the police force in the matters relating to appointment, recruitment, promotion and punishment, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Headquarter) exercises powers of Superintendent of Police for the entire Commissionerate as provided under Punjab Police Rules, 1934 (as applicable in Haryana).
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime monitors the crime situation in the Commissionerate and heads 12 special crime units constituted for investigation and detection of crimes, nabbing most wanted criminals, crackdown on gangsters, seizure of illegal arms, NDPS and other contrabands.
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic looks after the traffic and mobility management of the District Gurugram. Other than managing the daily traffic, he/she is also tasked with managing traffic during VIP/VVIP visits, public events involving mass congregation etc.


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